Top 10 hiking trails in Massachusetts

If at all you are looking for a place in which to bond with nature, then Massachusetts would be the perfect destination. There are a lot of physical activities in which one can engage in in this awesome destination. Among the great physical activities that are offered by Massachusetts is hiking, you can either do it for the exercise of just for the pleasure of it. This amazing spot boasts of awesome hiking trails that offer the perfect grounds for hiking. Here is a list of ten of the best hiking trails across Massachusetts.

  1. Mount Greylock State Reservation in Lanesborough

Want to have a memorable hike, then you might consider taking it at the Mount Greylock State Reservation. Extending a height of 3,491 feet, it is by far Massachusetts’ highest point. Having been acquired by the commonwealth in 1898 it was the first wilderness state park in Massachusetts. It was made a park to preserve the natural environment of this location for the general enjoyment of the public. Being the highest point, it offers some amazing view of the splendid neighborhood. It is definitely a haven for a hike.

  1. North Bridge- Minute Man National Historic Park, Concord

Want to hike way back to the opening battle of the revolution? Then you might as well consider taking a hike through the North Bridge-Minute Man National Historic Park found in Concord. In your hike of this area you will be able to observe all the battle fields and the structures that were linked to the April 19th, 1775 event. If for sightseeing hike, this spot has quite a lot to offer.

  1. The Skyline Trail at Middlesex Fells Reservation – Medford

Located approximately 5 miles from Boston, to the North, the Skyline Trail at Middlesex Fells Reservation is a great hiking ground. Whether for table lands or for stony hills, this location has got it all to offer. If you find beauty in nature’s ruggedness, then you are certainly bound to like having a hike in this area. With the surrounding areas almost entirely uninhabited, the Middlesex Fells Reservation is hosted on a 2,575 tract of land. It offers a welcoming atmosphere and provides an amazing ground for hike. If you are headed here for a hike, brace up for an interesting and memorable moment.

  1. The Doyle Estate in Leominster

The Doyle estate is an amazing hiking ground that has quite a lot to offer to any hiking enthusiast. Hiking here, you will be in direct contact with the beauty of nature. This spot provides a refuge to all those looking to escape the bustling and crowded life of Leominster and Fitchburg. It also has a wide variety of trails to offer. Through the 3.5 mile long trails available here, you will hike across fields, woodlands as well as formal fields. Hiking here is without a doubt, an interesting experience.

  1. Mount Misery in Lincoln

Names could sometimes be misleading and as such, should not be given much consideration. Mount misery forms a perfect place for both a sports hike and an exercise hike. It is however important to not that apart from the marked trails, most of the bordering lands are private property and as such, should be avoided lest one faces fines. While taking a hike on these lands, you can have an obscured view of the Sudbury River as well as the Fairhaven Bay. Historically Henry David Thoreau had this spot as his favorite.

  1. The Acorn Trail at Great Brook Farm State Park – Carlisle

Hiking up a hill is often very healthy. It gives your body enough work and can be of great help in burning calories as well as keeping you fit. If you are looking for a place to hike up a hill, then the Acorn Trail is the ultimate destination. The trail is narrow and winding to keep your brain active all through the hike. The trail will lead you through fields, woodlands and finally, up a small hill. The hill is small enough to keep you active all the time but not big enough to get you all worn out.

  1. Race Brook Falls in Sheffield

Some beautiful natural features are available in this great hiking spot. It boasts of a wide variety of natural attractions. Some of them include the attractive water falls, the dense pine forest as well as cascading streams. There are also 2 summits onto which you could hike while here. The first is the Mount Race while the other is Mount Everett which is Southern Berkshire’s highest peak.

  1. Blue Hills Reservation

Just a stone throw away from the busy downtown Boston, the Blue Hills Reservation is an exciting spot to go for a hike. Expanding more than 7,000 acres from Quincy all through to Dedham, this place goes to a height of 635 feet. It has varied terrains and scenic views that make it a great place to have your hike.

  1. Bartholomew’s Cobble in Sheffield

This hiking destination has got a rather complex hiking history. With a 100-foot high bedrock outcropping, this hiking trail welcomes visitors to a land made of an exotic landscape which is rather rugged. It is the perfect landscape that is needed to keep one physically fit and strong after a hike.

  1. Noanet Woodlands in Dover

With a combination of woodlands and ponds, the Noanet Woodlands is a great place to take your hiking. You can also have an unobstructed view of the Boston skyline from the Noanet peak. This place had also served as a mill site. 17 miles of trail awaits you in this wonderful hiking spot. If for bonding with nature or just to breathe great air, away from the busy towns and cities, then the Noanet Woodlands is the best spot that one could ever go to for a hike.

This list forms some of the top ten best hiking spots in Massachusetts. You can therefore make your choice depending on what you would prefer to view, what distance you would like to hike and the terrain that you deem best for your hike.