List of Notable People Born in Somerville, MA

Here is a list of notable people born in Somerville, MA. This is a part of the series of posts we are planning to publish about other towns and cities of Massachusetts that are not as popular as Boston.

NameĀ  Occupation Date Of Birth
Howie Long football player 6/1/1960
Michael E. Capuano politician 9/1/1952
Boris Pickett singer/songwriter 11/2/1938
Nelson Goodman philosopher 7/8/1906
Gosder Cherilus football player 28/06/1984
Hal Clement novelist 20/05/1922
John Fiore actor, etc.
Richard R. Tisei politician 13/08/1962
Connie Morella politician 12/2/1931
Philip Bourneuf actor 7/1/1908
Paul Sorrento baseball player 17/11/1965
Robert F. Murphy politician, etc. 24/01/1899
Harold Connolly athlete 1/8/1931
Barbara Weeks actor 4/7/1913
Shanty Hogan baseball player 21/03/1906
Richard Carle actor 07/07/1871
Art Mahan baseball player 8/6/1913
Helen Woodard Atwater home economist, etc. 29/05/1876
Emory Chaffee physicist 15/04/1885
Leslie Rich athlete 29/12/1886
Art Williams baseball player 26/08/1877
Patricia Head Minaldi judge 1959
G. Edward Bradley politician 21/10/1906
Arthur Daniel Healey representative, etc. 29/12/1889
Leo Hafford baseball player 17/09/1883
Jim Galvin baseball player 11/8/1907
Al Blanche baseball player 21/09/1909
Gil Whitehouse baseball player 15/10/1893
James E. Hagan businessperson, etc. 25/01/1902
Charlie Osgood baseball player 23/11/1926

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