Huge Great White Shark Dies After Beaching on Cape Cod

About 100 magnanimous beach folk at Cape Cod today made a valiant attempt to save a huge great white shark that was clearly injured and beached itself. Holiday makers rose to the occasion to help the mammoth animal and tried to take it back to deep waters.

Rhode Island and Cape Cod are very popular at this time of the year. And Labor day weekend rush made it even more crowded. Since it was only 10 past 8 in the morning, the crowd was thin. At this time people were both surprised and excited to see the animal out of water.  The time was confirmed by Wellfleet police. Specialists from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and the National Park Service report that the shark was 14 foot long and it died despite a valiant attempt by public and the specialists.

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People dug a trench to help the animal go back to deeper waters of Atlantic and poured buckets of water. But the shark was injured and was gasping for breath. The cause of its troubles is not known yet. If the animal was injured in deep water and came ashore then it is not as discomforting, but otherwise great white sharks in a popular beach like Cape Cod can be very dangerous to both the beach goers and the tourism industry.

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