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The 22nd largest city in America (population wise) and the state capital of Massachusetts, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the country, founded as early as 1630. It is often seen as the “cultural capital” of the surrounding region of New England. As a city, it witnessed countless historical events, including a decisive role in the American Revolution. It is home to some of the best universities in the world, including Boston University and Harvard University (in the neighborhood in the center of Cambridge) as well as some of the country’s best sports teams – the Boston Red Sox, Celtics, and New England Patriots. No wonder the city is among the top three on the quality of life index in America.

Boston is a great city, with an area of ​​89.63 square miles. Public transport in the city is well developed but leaves much to be desired. Drive personal vehicles is a problem because of the difficulty of finding a parking space. Consequently, taxis are one of the most common ways to get around Boston.

Boston taxi services cover the entire city, are quite affordable and generally good service – although there may be a lot of exceptions, of course. Like New York, the city has a well-developed cabin network which caters to a huge population of working professionals and students who flock to the city for the educational institutions. Many prefer not possess / cars as a result of these difficulties in finding park spots, as well as road infrastructure. Because the city was settled centuries ago, the road network and infrastructure in general not sufficient enough to a lot of traffic, which, of course, has further increased the popularity of taxis to meet in Boston.

There are dozens of taxi companies operate from Boston. Cost wise, Boston cab services are more expensive than other comparable cities in the United States. Initial cost is $ 2.60, followed by a standard rate of $ 2.80 per mile. $ 0.47 charge for each minute stopped in traffic. If you’re traveling to Logan Airport, you will also have to cough up an extra cost of $ 2.75, while return flights from the airport will cost you $ 8.00 in the supplement. A three-mile trip in New York would cost $ 8.50, but in Boston, it will set you back with $ 11 or more.

As with any other city, practice due diligence before calling any Boston cab. Start by hitting Google. Type in “Boston Cab” followed by your zip code or area. This will show you all the prominent taxi services in your area, along with a number of reviews in Google Places. This will give you a good idea what to expect in terms of service. If in doubt, look up the special service online and check out the individual reviews. Most taxi companies in Boston are available 24×7. Most have a fleet of newer cars though there are of course some exceptions.

If Boston is growing bigger and attracts an ever-growing population, a strong need is felt for an even greater number of taxis in the city. Currently, the city has a cap that the number of taxis redeemed in 1825, which led to higher rates. An outdated licensing system that works “medallions” is further north skyrocketed prices. As the city grows, these issues will be resolved in due course. But as a commuter, you can still expect great service from most of Boston taxi operators.

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